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Dangerfield (BBC-1 1995-1999, Nigel Le Vaillant, Amanda Redman)




Medical Drama series Dangerfield told the cases of a busy police surgeon, initially Paul Dangerfield a widower with a teenage son and daughter. Following the departure of Le Vaillant in 1997 Nigel Havers took over as single Jonathan Paige.

When the show started Le Vaillant was one of TV’s hot properties and this show suffered quite a bit at the hands of the critics mainly down to its wanting to appeal to all markets. The only thing the doctor didn’t do was heal sick animals!

As the series went on too it added a few more soapy type elements and focused a bit less on the police work, to the detriment of the feel of the show.

production details
UK / BBC1 / 66×50 minute episode / 1995-99 Six seasons

Creator: Don Shaw / Music: Nigel Hess / Script Editor: Barbara Mackie(Seasons 1-2) / Medical Advisor: M.H. Bletcher / Executive Producer: Chris Parr

NIGEL LE VAILLANT as Paul Dangerfield(1995-97)
AMANDA REDMAN as Joanna Stevens(Seasons 1-2)
LISA FAULKNER as Alison Dangerfield(1995-96)
TAMZIN MALLESON as Alison Dangerfield(1997)
SEAN McGUIRE as Marty Dangerfield(1995-96)
TIM VINCENT as Marty Dangerfield(1997)
NADIM SAWALHA as Shaban Hamada
NIGEL HAVERS as Dr Jonathan Paige(1997-99)
KIM VITHANI as Kate Durrani(Season 1)
GEORGE IRVING as D.I. Ken Jackson(1995-96)
KATY MURPHY as Terri Murphy(Season 2)
JACQUETTA MAY as Liz Moss(Season 3)
MARCIA WARREN as Angela Wakefield(From Season 3)
NICOLAS COWPER as DS Helen Diamond
JANE GURNETT as D.I. Gillian Cramer(1997-99)
JOHN ARNATT as Harry Campbell (1995)