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Dangerous Davies (ITV 1981, Bernard Cribbins, Bill Maynard)Dangerous Davies (ITV 1981, Bernard Cribbins, Bill Maynard)


Dangerous Davies (ITV 1981, Bernard Cribbins, Bill Maynard)



Dangerous Davies is based on the comic novel by Leslie Thomas (who also collaborated with legendary director Val Guest on the screenplay). The production, made for ATV and carrying with it a huge period charm sees Bernard Cribbens play Detective Constable Dangerous Davies the last detective (so called because he tends to be the last copper called upon for any given case).

The plot sees him digging into a 15 year old murder case. As he gets further involved he is soon stirring up a hornets nest of long buried trouble.

Made on a budget of 325,000 pounds and shot on location over five weeks in North West London, Dangerous Davies is chock a block full of such great English TV characters like Bill Maynard (as Dangerouss oppo Mod), Maureen Lipman, Joss Ackland, singer John Leyton, Colin Baker, Bernard Lee, the always excellent Ken Jones and Pam St Clement.

It’s great actually, funny (well it is a Leslie Thomas production) but also with an air of melancholy and with great location footage of early 1980s London. Dangerous Davies is also a genuine mystery, worthy of A Touch of Frost or a Midsomer Murders.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV – Maidenhead Films / 1×105 minute episode / Broadcast 4 January 1981

Writer and Director: Val Guest / Novel: Leslie Thomas / Executive Producer: Francis Essex / Producers: Val Guest, Greg Smith

Bernard Cribbins as Dangerous Davies
Bill Maynard as Mod Lewis
Joss Ackland as Chief Inspector Yardbird
Bernard Lee as Sergeant Ben
Frank Windsor as Fred Fennell
John Leyton as Dave Boot
Maureen Lipman as Ena Lind
Cindy O’Callaghan as Josie Norris
Derek Bond as Detective Superintendent Carter
Patsy Rowlands as Madame Tarantella
Colin Baker as William Lind
Avril Angers as Mrs Fulljames
Ken Jones as Mr Norris
Jeremy Sinden as Detective Sergeant Green
Peter Bland as George Tilth
Lucy Aston as Celia Norris
Pam St. Clement as Mrs Norris
Eric Francis as Albert
Sam Dastor as Doctor Longton
Diana King as Mrs Fennell
Betty Romaine as Marie
David Auker as Tarquin
Richard Hunter as Police Constable Westerman
Marianne Stone as Venus
Charles Pemberton as Detective Constable Evans
John Rogan as Father Harvey
Pauline Delany as Doris Davies
Babar Bhatti as Patel
Mike Savage as Sergeant
Pearl Hackney as Landlady
Norman Chappell as Parsons
Joe Ritchie as Workman
Bob Sutherland as Local Inspector
Lucy Griffiths as Dulcie
Sydney Bromley as Harkness
Gordon Rollings as Chrust
Roy Stewart as Pomeroy
Andrew Bradford as Squad Driver
Frank Jarvis as Farm Heavy


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