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Dark Angel (BBC-2 1989, Peter O’Toole, Beatie Edney)



Dark Angel

The legendary Peter O’Toole is the star of 1988 BBC2 thriller serial The Dark Angel. Based on Sheridan le Fanu’s Victorian Gothic thriller the drama also stars Beatie Edney, Barbara Shelley, Jane Lapotaire and Tim Woodward.

The plot focuses on young Maud Ruthyn who, when her father unexpectedly dies, becomes heiress to a large fortune that is held in trust for her until she comes of age.

Romantically obsessed by a youthful, Byronic painting of her Uncle Silas she readily agrees to being placed in his care – ignoring warnings of his behaviour as a known rake, wastrel and opium fiend. Unfortunately for Maud things are not what they seem, and Silas’s benevolent demeanour hides a web of deception and terror.

production details
UK / BBC2 / 3×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 4-18 January 1989

Writer: Don McPherson / Script Editor: Ruth Baumgarten / Music: Paul Lewis / Producer: Joe Waters / Director: Peter Hammond

Beatie Edney as Maud Ruthyn
Peter O’Toole as Silas Ruthyn
Norma Shebbeare as Mary Quince
Tim Woodward as Dudley Ruthyn
Simon Shepherd as Captain Oakley
Guy Rolfe
Barbara Shelley
Charlotte Coleman
Patti Love
Marcus Gilbert
Norma Shebbeare
Hilary Sesta
John Baker
Conrad Phillips