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Dead Ernest (ITV 1982, Andrew Sachs, Ken Jones)



In sitcom Dead Ernest middle aged Ernest Springer (Andrew Sachs) is a very happy man. He’s just won a fortune on the football pools. Out comes the champagne. The cork pops … and hits Ernest between the eyes, killing him.

He suddenly finds himself in the new arrivals queue in the British Section of heaven, waiting for his paperwork to be ‘processed’.

He discovers that it’s all been a terrible mistake – he wasn’t supposed to die for many years. Unfortunately, the mistake can’t be rectified because, back on Earth, both of his kidneys have been removed and used in transplant operations.

production details
UK / ITV – Central – Witzend / 6×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 15 February – 29 March 1982 Mondays at 8.00pm

Writers: Julian Roach, John Stevenson / Executive Producer: Allan McKeown / Producers: Alan Wallis, Tony Charles / Director: Alan Wallis

Andrew Sachs as Ernest Springer
Ken Jones as Archangel Derek
Harry Fowler as Cherub Fred
Janet Rawson as Archangel Doreen
Zena Walker as Edna Springer