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Dear Mother… Love Albert (ITV Sitcom, Rodney Bewes, Garfield Morgan)



In Sitcom Dear Mother – Love Albert naive northern lad Albert Courtnay (Rodney Bewes) moves to London but sends regular letters home to his mother in which he exaggerates and romanticises his day-to-day activities.

During the course of three series, Albert finds work with a confectionery company, moves into a flat with “a couple of dolly birds” and becomes engaged to Doreen (Liz Gebhardt, replaced by Cheryl Hall for the final season).

On the 25 December 1971 there was a short segment broadcast as part of ITV’s All Star Comedy Carnival. Season one made by Thames rest by Yorkshire. Season four called simply Albert!

The series was something of a special project for Bewes, he wrote and produced the show and also sang the theme tune! The series was given a prestigious TV Times cover for it’s premiere episode with a two page feature on Bewes own relationship with his parents.

Cast: Rodney Bewes as Albert Courtnay; Garfield Morgan as Mr A.C. Strain; Sheila White as Vivien Mckewan; Luan Peters as Leslie Willis; Liz Gebhardt as Doreen Bissel; Cheryl Hall as Doreen (Albert)

Writer and Producer: Rodney Bewes, Derrick Goodwin / Theme sung by Rodney Bewes / Executive Producer: John Duncan

UK / ITV – Thames – Yorkshire / 26×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 15 September 1969 – 6 June 1972