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Dennis and Gnasher: Unleashed (CBBC 2017, Freddie Fox, Rasmus Hardiker)Dennis and Gnasher: Unleashed (CBBC 2017, Freddie Fox, Rasmus Hardiker)


Dennis and Gnasher: Unleashed (CBBC 2017, Freddie Fox, Rasmus Hardiker)



The forthcoming 52-part TV adventure, Dennis And Gnasher: Unleashed, promises to deliver high-energy humour and inspire imagination, will showcase a brand-new look and feel for the 10-year-old much-loved mischief-maker Dennis, his fearless friends and their hometown. Their action-packed world will be brought to life using the latest CGI 3D techniques, bringing Beanotown and its residents bang up to date for the newest generation of fans.

Joining previously announced Freddie Fox (The Mystery Of Edwin Drood; The Three Musketeers; Worried About The Boy) – who voices Dennis – are Kathryn Drysdale, Rasmus Hardiker, Ryan Sampson, Joanna Ruiz and Kelly-Marie Stewart.

Rasmus (Lead Balloon, Scream Street, Danger Mouse) joins the cast as Dennis’ archrival, the pompous Walter, who is always out to ruin the fun for Dennis and his pals. Following his famed role as Count Duckula in Danger Mouse, Rasmus is the ideal fit for the sneaky and self-centered Walter, who will do anything it takes to be the teacher’s pet. Always cunning and quick to boss around the other kids, he never misses an opportunity to exploit his status as the son of Beanotown’s mayor.

The lovable and cheeky Pieface will be voiced by Ryan Sampson (Doctor Who, Plebs, The Frankenstein Chronicles, Horrible Histories). Sampson offers an inspired depiction of Pieface, who is known for alternating moments of daftness with those of pure brilliance. Pieface is never seen without Paul, the pet potato he carries in his pocket.

Lending her voice to brand new character, JJ, is Kathryn Drysdale (New Blood, Doctor Who, Horrible Histories). JJ is the boldest best friend a kid could hope for with a no-nonsense attitude, brought to life through Kathryn’s wealth of experience in playing strong, assertive female leads. Fast, strong and enthusiastic JJ is the perfect match for Dennis in his unending quest for adventure.

Kelly-Marie Stewart (Hollyoaks) lends her voice to another new character, Rubi Von Screwtop, the group’s techno-whizz and budding inventor. Sharp-witted and quick-thinking, Rubi doesn’t let anything hold her back, racing ahead on adventures and kitting the gang out with the best devices along the way.

Rounding off the cast is Joanna Ruiz (Cloud Babies, Horrid Henry) who adds her well-respected cartoon-voicing clout to the cast as Bash Street School’s top detention distributer, Mrs Creecher, who is always keen to foil any plotting by the gang. Joanna also plays Dennis’ eccentric, but lovable, Gran who cheers the gang on from her perch on her Harley-Davidson, as well as a host of other Bash Street characters.

voice cast
Freddie Fox as Dennis
Rasmus Hardiker as Walter
Kathryn Drysdale as J.J.
Ryan Sampson as Pieface
Kelly-Marie Stewart as Rubi Von Screwtop
Joanna Ruiz as Mrs Creecher

key behind the scenes crew
Michael Elson as Executive Producer
Jo Allen as Executive Producer

show type
Children’s animation

broadcast from
Currently in production for later in 2017
52 episodes in total

network and production companies
CBBC – Beano Studios


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