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Destination Downing Street (ITV Spy drama, John Stone)



Destination Downing Street ITV John Stone

In spy drama series Destination Downing Street a group of secret agents tackle cases on behalf of the Prime Minister. Mike Anson (played by John Stone) was the leader of the team. Also involved were Jacques (Donald Morley) and Colin (Graham Crowden). More often than Anson and co found themselves up against the sinister machinations of a spy outfit called Arkab.

The series was made up of six individual four part stories; These were titled The Machiavelli Touch; The Green Patch; Mr Crazy;Two Faces East; The Empty Man and Danger’s End.

The series also marked an early theme music credit for Laurie Johnson, best known for his theme for The Avengers.

Cast: John Stone as Mike Anson; Donald Morley as Jacques; Graham Crowden as Colin; Sylvia Langova as Sylva

Writer: St John Curzon / Theme Music: Laurie Johnson / Producer: Eric Maschitz

UK / ITV – Associated Rediffusion / 25×30 minutes / 25 March – 9 September 1957