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Di Resta (UPN 1998-1999 with John Di Resta and Leila Kenzle)



USA / UPN – Paramount – Maple Seed / 15×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 1998-99 (First Episode: 5 October 1998)

Creator: Matt Goldman / Play: Beat by John DiResta / Music: Marc Bonilla / Executive Producer: David Babock, Matt Goldman

Sitcom about the New York cop of the title and based on a stage play and featuring John Di Resta more or less playing himself.

JOHN DI RESTA as Himself
LEILA KENZLE as Kate Di Resta
KARLE WARREN as Anna Di Resta
JOE GUZALDO as Sgt Kazamerek
RUARI and SEAN KENNA as Dakota Di Resta
ROBERT COSTANZO as Vic Di Resta (1999)

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