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Dickens of London (ITV Drama, Roy Dotrice)



Starring Roy Dotrice (father of Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em star Michele Dotrice) as the legendary writer, Dickens of London takes us into the heart of the legendary Victorian author Charles Dickens.

Beginning with the privations and poverty of his childhood through to his years as the worlds most popular author and his career as a performer on both sides of the Atlantic (Dickens would undertake exclusive tours performing one man shows and re-enacting key moments from his books).

Dickens of London is fabulously cast and wonderfully scripted. The series doesn’t shy away from the sometimes harsher side of Dickens’ life especially where his personal relationships with women are concerned. Dotrice also took on the role of Dickens’ own father. There were guest appearances from the likes of John Nettles, Lynsey Baxter, Raymond Francis and Lois Baxter.

Cast: Simon Bell as Dickens (as a boy); Roy Dotrice as Dickens (as an old Man) and John Dickens; Gene Foad as Dickens (as a young Man); Diana Coupland as Catherine Dickens; Patsy Kensit as Catherine Hogarth; Hetty Baynes as Fanny Dickens; Karen Dotrice as Maria Beadnell; John F Landry as Dolby; Dudley Jones as La Salle

Writer: Wolf Mankowitz / Executive Producer: David Cunliffe / Producer: Marc Miller

UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 13×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 28 September – 21 December 1976