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Dirty Money (ITV 1980, Ian McShane, Warren Clarke)



Thriller. A group of fascists plan to finance their works by pulling off a bank robbery.
Also known as ‘Sewers of Gold’ as well as ‘The Great Riviera Bank Robbery’.

production details
UK | ITV – ATV | 1×120 minutes | 1979

Writers: Francis Megahy, Bernie Cooper
Director: Francis Megahy

Ian McShane as The Brain (Bert)
Warren Clarke as Jean
Christopher Malcolm as Serge
Stephen Greif as Rocco
Nigel Humphreys as Alex
Eric Mason as Fernand
Matthew Long as Michel
Alain Guano as Alain
Barry Lowe as Lawyer
Jonathan Elsom as Magistrate
Arnold Diamond as Town Hall Man
Christopher Burgess as Policeman
Kevin Brennan as Customer
Sheila Ruskin as Bank Girl
Adrian Shergold as Young Leftie
John Malcolm as Gendarme
Laraine Humphrys as Girl at Villa
Deirdre Costello as Tobacconist
Carole Mowlam as Jean’s Wife
John Grillo as Bank Official
Gail Harrison as Town Hall Girl
Gary Waldhorn as Ministry Man
Bernard Kay as Commissaire
Bernice Stegers as Policewoman
Peter Birrel as Senior Detective
Shaun Lawton as Security Guard
Charles Cork as Security Guard