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District, The (CBS 2000-2004, Craig T. Nelson, Roger Aaron Brown)



The District, a drama inspired by the real-life experiences of former New York Deputy Police Commissioner Jack Maple, revolves around Jack Mannion (Craig T. Nelson), a tenacious champion of the underdog and an avowed crimefighter, whose revolutionary tactics have resulted in a 50 percent drop in crime, first in Boston, then in Newark, N.J.

His latest challenge is Washington, D.C., which, despite being home to more law enforcement agencies than any other city on the planet, is riddled with crime and has a local police department that is demoralized and ineffective. Appointed chief of police by the mayor, Mannion works closely at Police Headquarters with Chief of Patrol Joe Noland (Roger Aaron Brown).

In his quest to make crime a thing of the past, Mannion has recruited Ella Farmer (Lynne Thigpen), a hard-working statistics clerk, and Temple Page (Sena Patrick Thomas), a young detective on the force. Ella is in charge of a high-tech briefing room where Mannion confronts the police brass and makes them accountable for crime in the city. Temple is Mannion’s eyes and ears on the most crime-ridden, drug- infested streets in America. Temple’s new partner, Kevin Debreno (Jonathan LaPaglia), is a hot-shot cop who is not above bending the rules in order to hasten an investigation. Nancy Parras (Elizabeth Marvel), an intuitive officer working as Mannion’s assistant, rounds out the chief’s inner circle.

Together, Mannion and his team form a modern-day Untouchables, determined to make the District livable for all its citizens.

production details
USA | CBS | 89×50 minutes | Broadcast 7 October 2000 – 1 May 2004

Creator: Terry George

Craig T. Nelson as Chief Jack Mannion
Roger Aaron Brown as Deputy Chief Joe Noland
Sean Patrick Thomas as Det. Temple Page
Jayne Brook as Maryanne Antonio
Lynne Thigpen as Ella Farmer
Elizabeth Marvel as Off. Nancy Parras
Justin Theroux as Steve Miller
Rocky Carroll as Adrian Spencer