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Dixon of Dock Green (BBC-1 1955-1976, Jack Warner, Peter Byrne)



Crime drama series Dixon of Dock Green featured an ageing Jack Warner as Constable George Dixon (later to be a sergeant earning his stripes on 19 September 1964) working in the East End of London.

Created by Ted Willis the character of Dixon had first been seen in the 1949 film The Blue Lamp. Dixon met his death in that film at the hands of young Dirk Bogarde, however Willis revived the character for a play and then the BBC series.

Dixon was widowed with a daughter (played initially by Billie Whitelaw and later by Jeannette Hutchinson) and the series focused more on the everyday life in the police station and petty crime rather than the hard hitting stuff other cop shows concentrated on.

Other regulars on the series included PC Andy Crawford, Sgt Flint and Sgt Grace Millard. With over 300 episodes to its credit by the time the show finished in 1976 Dixon was solid family viewing, even if it had begun to seem a little dated by then what with Regan and Carter of The Sweeney bringing a new realism to TV Cops.

By the time of the series finish after 21 years on the air Jack Warner was 85, definitely the oldest cop on the box. His role on the show by this stage mainly consisted of his opening and closing homilies and a couple of scenes in the station.

Dixon of Dock Green

production details
UK / BBC-1 / 367×50 minute episodes / 1955-76

Creator: Ted Willis / Theme Music: An Ordinary Copper composed by Jeff Darnell / Harmonica Solo by Tommy Riley

JACK WARNER as George Dixon
PETER BYRNE as Andy Crawford
BILLIE WHITELAW as Mary Dixon/Crawford(1)
GEOFFREY ADAMS as PC ‘Laudy’ Lauderdale
ARTHUR RIGBY as Desk Segt Flint
NEIL WILSON as PC ‘Tubb’ Barrell
MOIRA MANNION as Sgt Grace Millard



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