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Dockers (Channel 4 1999, Ken Stott, Ricky Tomlinson)



Drama. When a pair of Liverpool dockers ‘walk off’ their job 500 of their colleagues down tools in support. Based on a true story and many of the dockers were actually involved in the writing.

production details
UK | Channel 4 | 1×110 minutes | Broadcast Sunday 11 July 1999 at 10.00pm

Writers: (count them), Jimmy McGovern, Irvine Welsh, Jimmy Campbell, Dave Cotterill, John Cowley, Mark Crichton, Jimmy Holmes, Charlie McNally, Doreen McNally, Colin Mitchell, Sue Mitchell, Mike Morris, Larry Riley, John Ryan, Marty Size, Tony Weedon,
Producer: Sally Hibbin
Director: Bill Anderson

Ken Stott as Tommy Walton
Ricky Tomlinson as Macca Macauley
Crissy Rock as Jean Walton
Michael Ryan as Thomas Walton
Lee Ross as Andy Walton
Christine Tremarco as Paula Walton
Peter Armitage as Jimmy Nolan
David Parkinson as Pete Macauley
James Foy as Big John
Joan Kempson as Macca’s Wife
Georgina Smith as Big John’s Mum
James Davies Jr as Mickey
Shane Rimmer as US Longshoreman
Dominic Carter as Charlie
Del Henney as Bernard Bradley
Rudolph Walker as Bill Morris
Neil Phillips as Jack Dempsey
Jimmy Coleman as Gaffer
Martin Oldfield as Teacher
Andy Devine as Meat Salesman
Vincent Maguire as Supervisor
Gerry White as Supervisor
Alan Stocks as PC Rodgers