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Doctors and Nurses (BBC-1 2004, Adrian Edmondson, Madhav Sharma)



Doctors and Nurses

In Doctors and Nurses Adrian Edmondson stars as Roy Glover, a self-destructing hero on a well- meaning mission to rid the Isle of Wight of all sprains, broken bones and illness.

The sitcom centres on the hate-love relationship between two orthopaedic surgeons: Roy, who believes the NHS can be saved – if only everyone tried harder; and George Banatwala (Madhav Sharma), a technically gifted but compassionately challenged empire-builder with a keen interest in keeping the waiting lists as long as possible to enhance his private work.

Roy is always making promises to patients that he can’t fulfil; George constantly upsets them with his rudeness and insensitivity. They need each other’s help to survive, but find it almost impossible to ask for it.

The series was penned by Nigel Smith and Dr Phil Hammond. Phil, star of Trust Me I’m A Doctor, also appears as a neurosurgeon in the series.

production details
UK / BBC One / 6×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 13 January – 17 February 2004 Tuesdays at 10.35pm

Writers: Nigel Smith, Phil Hammond / Producer: Julian Meers / Executive Producers: Jonathan Powell, Jon Plowman / Director: Caroline Jeffries

Adrian Edmondson as Roy Glover
Madhav Sharma as George Banatwala
Mina Anwar as Zita Khan
David Mitchell as Toby Stephens
Abigail Cruttenden as Lucy Potter
Steven Alvey as Flapper
Susan Earl as Tara Cummings