Doomsday For Dyson (ITV 1958, Ian Hunter, Francis Rowe)

Hard hitting for the time scifi drama Doomsday For Dyson, written by J.B. Priestley, saw Tom Dyson finding himself caught up in the chaos of a nuclear war. But was it all a dream?

The play was followed by an hour long debate on some of the issues raised in the play.

Ian Hunter as Tom Dyson
Fanny Rowe as Mrs. Dyson
Ann Firbank as Ann Dyson
Anna Bryce as Sally Dyson
Frederick Leister as Magistrate
Terence Longdon as Dr. Kenton
George Baker as Goltsev
Hugh Latimer as General Kuprin
Ian Wallace as Marshal Kletsk
John Phillips as General Schalz
Bonar Colleano as Jackston
Howard Marion-Crawford as Air Vice Marshal
Harry Fowler as Porson
Michael Segal as Mirolubov
James Dyrenforth as Scientist
Robert Arden as Second American Scientist
Barry Shawzin as First European Scientist)
Arnold Yarrow as Second European Scientist
Reginald Marsh as First English Scientist
Alexander Archdale as Second English Scientist

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crew details
Writer: J.B. Priestley
Design: Tom Spaulding
Producer and Director: Silvio Narizzano

production details
Country: UK
Network and Production Companies: ITV – Granada
Duration: 1×50 minute episode
Aired From: 10 March 1958

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