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Dotto (ITV Quiz, Robert Gladwell, Shaw Taylor)



Dotto was a Quiz Show based on a US format and hosted initially by Robert Gladwell. The concept saw a pair of contestants answering general knowledge questions that, when answered correctly, would join a dot that would go towards revealing a celebrity face. The quicker the celebrity was guessed the more money was won.

Jimmy Hanley then Shaw Taylor succeeded Gladwell as hosts.

There was five pounds up for grabs for each correct dot and then a grand prize of £250 available.
The TV Times of 14 September 1958 had an interesting short feature about the men responsible for joining up the dots. Charles Stewart and Terry White were the two men and their job was to stand behind a white screen bearing the face of the personality to be guessed and join up the dots. Their black outfits were designed to blend into the back of their “drawing box.”

Dotto was one of two new quizzes that premiered on ITV the week of 14 September 1958, the other was Keep It In The Family hosted by Bill Owen.

Incidentally the original US version was one of a number of US shows caught up in the great Quiz Show Scandal of the late 1950’s when it was revealed that certain contestants had been given preferential treatment and even answers in advance. All shows caught up in the scandal were forced off air.

Producer: John Irwin

UK / ITV – ATV / Broadcast 14 September 1958 – 23 June 1960