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Dracula (BBC Drama, Marc Warren, Dan Stevens)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

In this one off adaptation of Bram Stoker’s legendary Dracula novel, it is 1899 and Lord Holmwood (Dan Stevens) has contracted syphilis and cannot consummate his marriage with his new bride Lucy (Sophia Myles) for fear on infecting her. He arranges to have an expert in blood diseases brought over from Europe to help cure him – but the man in question is Count Dracula (Marc Warren) who has an agenda of his own.

Very well cast and with a nicely faithful to the source material vibe unlike so many other adaptations.

Cast: Marc Warren (Count Dracula), Dan Stevens (Lord Holmwood), Sophia Myles (Lucy Westenra), Benedick Blythe (Lord Godalming), James Greene (Doctor Blore), Tom Burke (Doctor John Seward), David Suchet (Abraham Van Helsing), Donald Sumpter (Alfred Singleton), Stephanie Leonidas (Mina Murray), Rafe Spall (Jonathan Harker), Ian Redford (Hawkins), Tanveer Ghani (Cotford), Rupert Holliday Evans (Detective Inspector Burton), David Glover (Stephens), Ian Gain (Sergeant Kirk), Richard Syms (Priest), Diane Payne-Myers (Wraith)

Writer: Stewart Harcourt / Novel: Bram Stoker / Script Editor: Jude Liknaitzky / Music: Dominik Scherrer / Executive Producers: Rebecca Eaton, Michele Buck, Damien Timmer / Producer: Trevor Hopkins / Director: Bill Eagles

UK / BBC One – BBC Wales – Granada – WGBH Boston / 1×90 minute episode / Broadcast 28 December 2006