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Duck Patrol (ITV Sitcom, Richard Wilson, David Tennant)



Sitcom Duck Patrol very much channeled the world of Will Hay (especially his Ask A Policeman movie) as it detailed the misadventures of a group of coppers at a river police station on the Thames.

Richard Wilson is Constable Roland Rose aka Prof who likes nothing more than the quiet life. Unfortunately tough all action new recruit Michael Travers aka Hero arrives on the scene to rock the boat.

This was a strongly cast with David Tennant, Jason Watkins, Trevor Cooper, Sue Johnstone and Samanthan Beckinsale all appearing in the main cast. It had a strong pedigree on the writing side too with scripts from Peter Tinniswood and Peter Tilbury as well as series creator Jan Etherington. Sadly Duck Patrol came and went without any one really noticing.

Cast: Richard Wilson as Roland Rose; Samantha Beckinsale as Gillian Monroe; Craig Fairbrass as Michael Travers; David Tennant as Simon Brown; Jason Watkins as Kevin Delaney; John Biggins as Stanley Murdoch; Trevor Cooper as James Oliver; Geoffrey Hutchings as Malcolm White; Sue Johnston as Valerie Rutland; Jan Ravens as Angela Tennant

Writers: Jan Ethrington, Gavin Petrie / Music: Simon Wallace / Producer: Jamie Rix / Executive Producer: Humphrey Barclay

UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 7×30 minute episodes / 19 July – 30 August 1998