Once An Eagle (NBC 1976, Sam Elliott, Cliff Potts)

Mini-Series Once An Eagle tracks 30 years and two world wars in the lives of two friends, Courtenay Massengale and Sam Damon. Most often compared with the later The Winds of War this is another suitably epic of scope series with an excellent cast.

Cliff Potts as Courtenay Massengale
Darleen Carr as Tommy Caldwell
Amy Irving as Emily Pawlfrey Massengale
Glenn Ford as George Caldwell
Sam Elliott as Sam Damon
Ralph Bellamy as Ed Caldwell
Dane Clark as Harry Sheppard
Andrew Duggan as Gen. McKelvey
Lynda Day George as Marge Krisler
Gary Grimes as Jack Devlin
Clu Gulager as Alvin Merrick
Robert Hogan as Ben Krisler
Kim Hunter as Kitty Damon
David Huddleston as Earl Preis
Juliet Mills as Joyce
Harriet Nelson as Harriet Nelson
Albert Salmi as Sen. Bert McConnadin
John Saxon as Capt. Townshend
James Shigeta as Lin Tso-Han
Barry Sullivan as Gen. Bannerman
Phyllis Thaxter as Alma Caldwell
Forrest Tucker as Col. Avery
David Wayne as Col. Terwilliger
William Windom as Gen. Duke kPulleyne
Anthony Zerbe as Dave Shifkin
John Anderson as George Varney
Andrew Robinson as Reb Rayburne
Jeff Cotler as Sam, as a boy
Tracie Savage as Peggy Damon
Lynne Marta as Celia Harrodson
Dennis Burkley as Krazewski
Will Seltzer as Brewster
Jane Elliot as Cheryl Logan
Patricia Stich as Nurse Pomeroy
Patti D’Arbanville as Michele
Hayden Rorke as Paul Sinclair
Ron Masak as Maynard Lambert
James Cromwell as J.L. Cleghorne
George Wyner as Dr. McCabe
Cathey Paine as Mae Lee Cleghorne
Kip Niven as Ryetower
Kario Salem as Joe Brand
Tom Reese as Sgt. Stoner
Lee de Broux as Bill Nickerson
Andrew Stevens as Donny Damon
Jim Antonio as Capt. Lasovitch
Melanie Griffith as Jinny Massengale
Ben Piazza as Capt. Jerome
Kent Smith as Gen. Jacklyn
Jordan Rhodes as Sgt. Ives
George Murdock as Sgt. Chepenek
Frank Michael Liu as Capt. Nagasay
Steve Eoff as German Sergeant
Steven Hood as Messenger
Jane Merrow as Hallie
Allen G. Norman as Gamekeeper
Jameson Parker
Bryan A. Seneviratne as Japanese Soldier

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crew details
Writer: Peter Fischer
Novel: Anton Myrer
Producers: William Sackheim, Peter Fischer
Director: E.W. Swackhamer, Richard Michaels

production details
Country: USA
Network and Production Companies: NBC – Universal
Duration: 9×60 minute episodes
Aired From: 1976

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