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Easybeats, The (ABC 2017, Christian Byers, Will Rush)



The Easybeats ABC 2017

Two-part mini-series The Easybeats tells the story of five young newly-arrived immigrants who met in a Sydney migrant hostel in the swinging 1960s and went on to take Australian rock’n’roll to the world.

The Easybeats is a story of identity, re-invention and belonging, touching on themes of celebrity and redemption, with a powerful contemporary relevance and a killer soundtrack. While the members of the band each confronted their own sense of self and the loss of identity in pursuit of their success, they came to understand that though they were all from different countries, the sum of the musical parts was quintessentially Australian.

Ashley Zukerman as Ted Albert (Australian music industry pioneer and record producer)
Christian Byers as Stevie Wright
Will Rush as George Young
Mackenzie Fearnley as Harry Vanda
Du Toit Bredenkamp as Dick Diamonde
Arthur McBain as Snowy Fleet

key behind the scenes crew
Christopher Lee as Writer
Matthew Saville as Director
David Taylor as Producer
David Maher as Producer
Diane Haddon as Producer
Sally Riley as Executive Producer
Kym Goldsworthy as Executive Producer

show type
biography, true story, period drama

broadcast from
In production for broadcast later in 2017

network and production companies
ABC – Playmaker – Screen Australia – Screen NSW



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