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Ed (2000, Tom Cavanagh, Julie Bowen)



Comedy drama series. New York based lawyer Ed Stevens is fired from his job and (after catching his wife cheating on him) decides to return to his home town, Stuckeyville where he opens up a combined bowling alley and law practice, the ally is called Stuckey Bowl and the staff included Phil, the slightly daffy Shirley and Kenny.

Much of the focus of the series though is Ed’s hesitant re-entry into the world of dating.

production details
USA | x42 minutes | 2000

Creator: Rob Burnett

Tom Cavanagh as Ed Stevens
Julie Bowen as Carol Vessey
Michael Ian Black as Phil Stubbs
Lesley Boone as Molly Hudson
Jana Marie Hupp as Nancy Burton
Rachel Cronin as Shirley Pifko
Mike Starr as Kenny Sandusky
Justin Long as Warren Cheswick
Josh Randall as Mike Burton