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Educating Oz (ITV 1986, Jimmy Nail, Tim Healy)



Educating Oz

A kind of spin off from Auf Weidersehen Pet which saw Dennis Patterson having to give a heap of bricklayers a talk on the dangers of the aids virus. He attends a course, and afterwards goes to the local pub, to watch the course leader give a TV interview.

Unfortunately, he finds a more than cynical Oz at the bar. naturally oz displays a bigotted attitude towards the whole thing, but Dennis decides that if he is to convince 70 brickies of the danger, he must make oz aware also.

This slightly bizarre entry into the Auf Weidersehen canon was made to promote aids awareness using two characters from the highly popular show to get salient points across.

production details
UK / ITV – Tyne Tees / 1×30 Minute Episode / Broadcast 17 March 1987

Writer: Dave Picken / Producer: Kenny Mcbain / Director: James Whiteley

Jimmy Nail as Oz
Tim Healy as Dennis
Doctor Peter Jones
Paul Frost