El Chavo del Ocho (1972-1992, Roberto Gómez Bolaños)

El Chavo del Ocho is a Mexican comedy that was highly popular in Spanish America as well as in Brazil, Spain, United States and other countries. It detailed the adventures and tribulations of the title character, El Chavo — a poor orphan played by the show’s creator, Roberto Gómez Bolaños, and other inhabitants of a fictional housing complex, or, as called in Spanish, vecindad.

The shows origins go back to May 1972, where it appeared as a sketch in the ‘Chespirito’ show, produced by Televisión Independiente de Mexico, broadcast on Mexico’s Canal 8, XHTIM-TV. By 1975, El Chavo had moved to Televisa and become a weekly half-hour series. The show was cancelled in 1980, but shorts were still produced in Chespirito from that year until 1992. At its peak of popularity during the mid-1970s, El Chavo, having 350 million viewers worldwide, was the most watched show in Mexican television.

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Theme music for the series was The Elephant Never Forgets, a playful version of Beethoven’s ‘Turkish March’ in 1967 by electronic music pioneers Perrey and Kingsley.

production details
Mexico | Televisa | 25 minutes | 1972

Creator: Roberto Gómez Bolaños

Roberto Gómez Bolaños as El Chavo
Carlos Villagrán as Quico
María Antonieta de las Nieves as La Chilindrina
Ramón Valdés as Don Ramón
Florinda Meza García as Doña Florinda
Angelines Fernández as Doña Clotilde
Édgar Vivar as Señor Barriga
Rubén Aguirre as Profesor Jirafales
Ana Lilian de La Macorra as Paty

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