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Eleventh Hour, The (ITV 2006, Patrick Stewart, Ashley Jenson)



In The Eleventh Hour Professor Ian Hood is a top government scientist with a roving brief to investigate emergency situations where science has gotten out of hand. He is constantly accompanied by secret service bodyguard Rachel Young. Guest stars included Donald Sumpter, Susan Wooldridge, Jane Lapotaire, Clive Wood, Michelle Newell, Clare Holman and Roy Marsden.

Despite the short run the series was well received everywhere, enough so that CBS decided to make a US version starring Rufus Sewell (in the Stewart part and with a name change to Jacob Hood) but it was quickly cancelled (after 18 episodes) thanks in no small part to the watering down of the whole thing and a crime of the week type attitude. Probably a good thing really as it stopped Rufus Sewell being tied down to a long running US series.

production details
UK / ITV-1 – Granada / 4×90 minute episodes / Broadcast 19 January – 9 February 2006

Writers: Stephen Gallagher, Mike Cullen, Simon Stephenson / Script Editor: Jenny Frayn / Music: The Insects / Producer: Stephen Smallwood / Executive Producer: Andy Harries / Director: Terry McDonagh

PATRICK STEWART as Professor Ian Hood
ASHLEY JENSON as Rachel Young

1. RESURRECTION (19 Jan 2006)
2. CONTAINMENT (26 Jan 2006)
3. KRYPTOS (2 Feb 2006)
4. MIRACLE (9 Feb 2006)