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Ellen (ABC 1994-1998, Ellen DeGeneres, Joely Fisher)



Sitcom. Stories of ‘single’ career girl Ellen Morgan in Los Angeles. Season one was known as These Friends of Mine and Ellen worked in a bookstore called Buy the Book. From season II the show was retitled Ellen and Ellen was now the owner of the book store. Season one episodes are repeated as Ellen and known as Ellen overseas. In a special hour long episode broadcast 30 April 1997, Ellen Morgan came out as a lesbian (as is DeGeneres in real life). In recent years Ellen has talked about how the announcement killed her career stone dead at the time.

production details
USA | ABC – Black Marlens Co. – Touchstone | 1×60 minutes 100+x30 minutes | 1994-1998

Creators: Neal Marlens, Carol Black, David Rosenthal
Producers: David Rosenthal, Mark Grossan

Ellen DeGeneres as Ellen Morgan
Joely Fisher as Paige Clark
Jeremy Piven as Spence Kovak
Clea Lewis as Audrey Penney
David Anthony Higgins as Joe Farrell
Holly Fulger as Holly (1994)
Maggie Wheeler as Anita (1994)
Ayre Gross as Adam Greene (1994-1995)