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Escape Artist, The ( BBC-1 2013, David Tennant, Sophie Okonedo)



David Tennant in The Escape Artist

Tense thriller The Escape Artist focused on barrister Will Burton who has built a reputation for never losing a case so much so that a Queens Council title might be on the cards. His latest case sees him defending a suspected murderer, Liam Foyle. Despite not being convinced of Foyle’s innocence Burton is able to get him an aquittal on a technicality. Burton’s problems begin when Foyle feels he has been slighted by Burton in someway and sets about stalking Burton’s wife Kate and son Jamie and eventually murdering them. When Foyle once again gets an aquittal Burton vows his revenge and and plots the perfect murder.

Filmed in London and Scotland The Escape Artist is excellent stuff with another typically strong central performance from David Tennant.

production details
UK / BBC One – Endor Productions / 3×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 29 October – 12 November 2013

Writer: David Wolstencroft / Cinematography: David Higgs / Music: Nicholas Hooper / Executive Producers: David Wolstencroft, Matthew Read / Producer: Paul Frift, Hilary Bevan Jones / Director: Brian Welsh

David Tennant as Will Burton
Roy Marsden as Peter Simkins
Ashley Jensen as Kate Burton
Alistair Petrie as Julian Fowkes QC
Kate Dickie as Jenny
Patrick Ryecart as Gavin de Souza QC
Jeany Spark as Tara
Monica Dolan as Eileen Morris
Stephen Wright as Danny Monk
Toby Kebbell as Liam Foyle
Anton Lesser as Richard Mayfield QC
Brid Brennan as Mary
Gus Barry as Jamie