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Event, The (NBC 2010, Jason Ritter, Blair Underwood)



High octane drama series The Event definitely set out its stall in a major way with a roller coaster pilot episode that began with everyman Sean Walker embarking on a desperate quest for his missing girlfriend and ending up on a plane that has been hijacked in a bid to kill the president, it soon becomes obvious to Sean that something highly sinister is going on and as he continues his search he begins to uncover evidence of a massively major cover-up.

The Event heads straight in Lost territory with its unexplained nuances, stories and a group of super secret detainees. The biggest problem arrived very quickly and was probably the reason why the show never lasted – the reveal happened too quickly and then the series didn’t really have anywhere to go and the audience lost interest.

production details
USA / NBC – Steve Stark Productions – Universal Media Studios / 22×60 minute episodes / Broadcast Monday 20 September 2010 – 23 May 2011

Creator: Nick Wauters / Music: Scott Starrett / Production designers: Ruth Ammon (pilot), Stuart Blatt (series) / Executive producers: Evan Katz, Steve Stark and Jeffrey Reiner / Co-executive producers: Nick Wauters, Jim Wong, Dan Dworkin, Jay Beattie, David Goodman and David Schulner

JASON RITTER as Sean Walker
BLAIR UNDERWOOD as President Elias Martinez
SARAH ROEMER as Leila Buchanan
ZELJKO IVANEK as Blake Sterling
LAURA INNES as Sophia Maguire
SCOTT PATTERSON as Michael Buchanan
BILL SMITROVITCH as Raymond Jarvis
LISA VIDAL as Christina Martinez
TAYLOR COLE as Vicky Roberts