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Expedition Impossible (ABC 2011, Dave Salmoni)



Expedition Impossible

It’s The Amazing Race meets Indiana Jones in the all action and thoroughly exciting Expedition Impossible. Hosted by Dave Salmoni the series takes us to Morocco where where thirteen teams of three embark on a series of challenges – whether they be in the desert, the mountain or across raging rivers the teams will have to work together and think on their feet in a bid to win $150,000 for the team and a brand new Ford Explorer.

In a great twist if one team member quits then the whole team is out and of course over the course of ten legs the team that finishes last is eliminated.

The Teams were
The Gypsies
John Post, 25, Pensacola Beach, FL. Sustainable Farmer
Taylor Filasky, 31, San Diego, CA. Video Producer
Eric Bach, 26, San Francisco, CA. Entrepreneur

No Limits
Erik Weihenmayer, 42, Golden, CO. Motivational Speaker/Writer (Erik is blind)
Jeff Evans, 41, Boulder, CO. Motivational Speaker/Physician Assistant
Aaron “Ike” Isaacson, 33, Topeka, KS. Soldier

Fab 3
Ryan Allen Carrillo, 36, Los Angeles, CA. Unemployed
Kari Gibson, 26, Los Angeles, CA. Model
AJ Gibson, 30, Los Angeles, CA. Mortgage Consultant

The Football Players
Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, 31, Los Angeles, CA. Broadcaster
Robert Ortiz, 27, Solana Beach, CA. Business Owner
Ricky Sharpe, 31, Costa Mesa, CA. Health and Fitness Consultant

The Cops
Robert “Rob” Robillard, 43, Concord, MA. Police Lieutenant
Dani Henderson, 34, Marlborough, MA. Police Officer
James “Jim” Vaglica, 49, Billerica, MA. Police Sergeant

California Girls
Christina Chin, 24, Davis, CA. Corporate PR.
Brittany Smith, 24, Rancho Murieta, CA. Aspiring Pro Golfer
Natalie Smith, 25, Woodland, CA. Teacher/Coach

The Country Boys
Nicholas Coughlin, 28, Clinton, MS. Internet Marketing/Entrepreneur
Jason Cronin, 37, Pensacola Beach, FL. Business Owner/Entrepreneur
Chad Robinson, 27, Bolton, MS. Real Estate Investor

The Fishermen
Gus Sanfilippo, 48, Gloucester, MA. Fisherman
Nino Sanfilippo, 43, Gloucester, MA. Fisherman
Joe Sanfilippo, 44, Gloucester, MA. Fisherman

New York Firemen
Kevin “Fathead” Coursey, 39, Belle Harbor, NY. Firefighter
Rob Keiley, 34, Rockaway Park, NY. Firefighter
Mike Egan, 34, Rockaway Park, NY. Firefighter

Team Kansas
Lindsey Haymond, 27, Houston, TX. Teacher
Kelsey Fuller, 22, Overland Park, KS. Student
Mackenzie Fuller, 18, Overland Park, KS. Student

Grandpa’s Warriors
Dick Smith, 69, Normal, IL. Store Owner
Steven Smith, 48, Savoy, IL. Store Owner
Samantha Smith-Gibbs, 23, Thomasboro, IL. Store Manager

Mom’s Army
Eleanor “Ellie” Vanderbeck, 52, Reading, PA. Bookkeeper
Ruthie Vanderbeck, 28, Reading, PA. Realtor
Abbie Vanderbeck, 30, Norwalk, CT. Nanny

Latin Persuasion
Dashia Imperiale, 44, New York, NY. Fitness Instructor
Raven Garcia, 30, Bronx, NY. Freelance Writer
Mai Reyes, 38, New York, NY. Manager

The Gypsies romped away with the series winning 9 out of 10 legs including the all important final one. Only one season but it definitely had potential.

production details
USA | ABC – Mark Burnett International Distribution

RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes | NUMBER OF EPISODES: 10 | AIRDATES: From Thursday June 23, 2011 @ 9.00pm

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Mark Burnett, Lisa Hennessy

SEASON ONEMOROCCO – 23 June – 25 August 2011
1. SUN! SAND! SAHARA! (23 June 2011)
2. LIGHT MY WAY (30 June 2011)
4. THERE’S SNOW IN MOROCCO (14 July 2011)
5. A BLIND MAN’S NIGHTMARE (21 July 2011)
6. LEAP OF FAITH (28 July 2011)
7. ROCK THE KASBAH (4 Aug 2011)
8. NEVER GIVE UP (11 Aug 2011)
9. COME HELL OR HIGH WATER (18 Aug 2011)
10. AND THEN THERE WERE FOUR (25 Aug 2011)