Extinct (BYUTV 2017, Chad Michael Collins, Victoria Atkin)

Extinct BYUtv

Extinct is BYUtv (Brigham Young University Television) second original scripted series and it’s certainly epic of scope, it’s a scifi series set 400 years after humankind has all but been wiped out by an alien race called the Kariks. A group of humans who have been revived, handily known a Reborns, attempt to understand and trust a group of mysterious, peaceful and highly advanced aliens known as the Originators who brought them back to life.

The Reborns are guided by Drones who are the face and voice of the Originators. They guide and protect the Reborns throughout their fight against the Kariks, and the parasitic Skin Riders who take control of a “host” or person’s cognitive abilities, to restore the human race and end the alien threat that drove mankind to extinction.

Chad Michael Collins as Ezra
Victoria Atkin as Feena
Matthew Bellows as Jax
Jack DePew as Silas
Yorke Fryer as Abram
Jaclyn Hales as Lynn
Jake Stormoen as Duncan

crew details
Creators and Executive Producers: Aaron Johnston, Orson Scott Card
Executive Producers: Adam Abel, Ryan Little

production details
Country: USA
Network and Production Companies: BYUTV – Go Films – Taleswapper
Duration: x50 minute episodes
Aired From: 1 October 2017

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