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F.B.I., The (ABC 1965-1974, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., Philip Abbott)



Long running crime drama series The FBI was allegedly based on real case files from America ’s Federal Bureau of Investigation this series told stories of Inspector Lewis Erskine who kept a very cool head whilst tracking down the bad guys. Erskine initially had a daughter (only in season one) but the producers didn’t want a family relationship getting in the way.

Some location filming was undertaken at the FBI’s real life Washington headquarters and the gang always drove the latest Ford cars because the show was sponsored by Ford. The show would also quite often close with an appeal to the audience focusing on America’s most wanted criminals.

production details
USA | ABC – Quinn Martin | 236×50 minutes | Broadcast 19 September 1965 – 8 September 1974

Executive Producer: Quinn Martin
Supervising Producer: Adrian Samish
Producers: Charles Larson, Philip Saltzman, Anthony Spinner

Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. as Lewis Erskine
Philip Abbott as Arthur Ward
William Reynolds as Special Agent Tom Colby (1967-1973)
Lynn Loring as Barbara Erskine (1965-1966)
Shelly Novack as Agent Chris Daniels (1973-1974)
Stephen Brooks as Special Agent Jim Rhodes (1965-1967)