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F Troop (ABC 1965-1967, Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch)



Sitcom. Wild West shenanigans of the soldiers stationed in the middle of Kansas just after the American Civil War. Although Captain Parminter is supposed to be in charge, in best Bilko style it is Sgt Morgan O’Rourke who really runs things.

Despite being on the ‘front line’ there is never much danger of Fort Courage being attacked a O’Rourke has struck a deal with the Hekawi Indians and their Chief Wild Eagle (the pair have set up their own Indian Souvenir business into the bargain!

Very much a Sgt Bilko in the Wild West F. Troop was popular enough but never did more than tick the boxes. Also spot The Beatles reference in the cast list!

production details
USA | ABC | x30 minutes | Broadcast 1965-1967

Theme Music: William Lava, Irving Taylor

Forrest Tucker as Morgan O’Rourke
Larry Storch as Randolph Agarn
Ken Berry as Wilton Parmenter
Melody Patterson as Wrangler Jane
Frank DeKova as Chief Wild Eagle
Don Diamond as Crazy Cat
James Hampton as Pvt. Hannibal Shirley Dobbs
Bob Steele as Private Duffy
Joe Brooks as Private Vanderbilt
John Mitchum as Private Hoffenmueller
Ivan Bell as Private Dudleson
Ben Frommer as Papa Bear
Edward Everett Horton as Roaring Chicken
James Gregory as Major Duncan
Benny Baker as Pete the Bartender
Henry Gibson as Private Wrongo Starr
William Woodson as Secretary of War