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Face Lift (Channel 4 1983, Martin Shaw, Eleanor David)



Facelift 1983 ITV Martin Shaw

Definitely not your typical TV fare scifi musical Face Lift was set in the year 2074 where we spend time with Zax who travels the land with his theatre of glamour and magic. In the year 2074 it seems that society will be broken down into two types – Names (the working class) and Numbers (the cultural and scientific elite), Zak was on a quest to break down barriers.

An interesting role for Martin Shaw, the production was and relatively high budget. It was shown first on Channel 4 before getting a run out on ITV a couple of weeks later. In the early days of Channel 4 there were some ITV regions that could not receive the channel’s transmissions.

production details
UK / Channel 4 – Central / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 8 April 1983 on Channel 4 and 21 April 1983 on ITV.

Writer and Director: Tony Bicat / Music: Nick Bicat / Lyrics: Tony Bicat / Producer: Nicholas Palmer

Martin Shaw as Zax
Clarke Peters as Bob Jangles
Sue Jones-Davies as Ina
Steven Mann as M-4327
Eleanor David as F-9895 / Veronica
Sheilagh Stevenson as F- 5425
John Le Mesurier as Bruce’s Voice