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Fair Game (BBC Thriller, Derek Farr)



Fair Game BBC Thriller Derek Farr

In six part drama Fair Game, Toby Truscott (Derek Farr) is fresh out of the army with a small pension and a few thousand in savings. He is on the lookout for opportunities to make a living but finds the world he is in is full of people keen to take his money.

He was more often than not involved in the schemes of Sam Shorter (Harry Locke) an ex-Bombadier turned spiv.

Cast: Derek Farr as Toby Truscott; Harry Locke as Sam Shorter; Clive Morton; Austin Trevor as Captain Cranmer; Graham Crowden as Mike Mott; Howard Goorney as Barney; Derek Waring; Rosamund Greenwood; James Hayter; Jack Hedley; Gerald Campion as Jumbo Woodruff

Writer: Michael Gilbert / Music: Eric Spear / Production Design: Lawrence Broadhouse / Producer and Director: Desmond Davis

UK / BBC / 6×30 minute episodes / 5 July – 9 August 1958