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Fairly Secret Army (Channel 4 1984-1986, Geoffrey Palmer, Jeremy Child)



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In sitcom Fairly Secret Army Major Harry Kitchener Wellington Truscott decides anarchy is just around the corner and sets up his own private army called the Queen’s Own West Mercia Lowlanders.

Truscott and his ‘Fairly Secret Army’ are convinced that they represent democracy’s last line of defence.

The character of Truscott bears a striking similarity to the character of Jimmy (also played by Geoffrey Palmer) in Nobb’s own Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin.

Another excellent David Nobbs sitcom Harry Truscott was a great character whose dialogue was filled with delights such as ‘cock-ups’, ‘nosh’, ‘caper’, ‘hush-hush’, ‘mum’s the word’, etc. However the series, which was shot on film and dispensed with a laugh track, was somewhat looked over by the majority of the audience.

production details
UK / Channel 4 – Video Arts / 13×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 22 October 1984 – 13 October 1986

Writer: David Nobbs / Music: Michael Nyman / Producer: Peter Robinson

Geoffrey Palmer as Harry Truscott
Jeremy Child as Beamish
Diane Fletcher as Nancy
Liz Fraser as Doris Entwhistle
Michael Robbins as Sgt Major Throttle
Paul Chapman as Peg-Leg Pogson
Richard Ridings as Ron Boat
Jeremy Sinden as 2nd Lt Bagnall
James Cosmo as Crazy Colin Carstairs (series 1)
Ray Winstone as Stubby Collins (series 1)
Diana Weston as Jill (series 2)
Carl Chase as Lennie (series 2)
Gary Cady as Paul (series 2)
John Nettleton as Smith (series 2)
Michael J Jackson as The Cobra (series 2)