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Falklands Play, The (BBC Four 2002, Patricia Hodge, James Fox)



Drama showing a behind-the-scenes account of how the Thatcher government coped with the Falklands War in 1982.

This play was written in 1987 but was notoriously withdrawn from production when the BBC considered it too politically sensitive. It was finally produced for the BBC’s digital arts channel (BBC4) in 2002 and received its first airing on that channel before getting a showing on BBC Two a couple of months later on 4 June 2002.

production details
UK / BBC Two / 1×90 minute episode / Broadcast 10 April 2002

Writer: Ian Curteis / Script Supervisor: Jenny Bowman / Production Design: Melanie Allen / Producer: Jeremy Howe / Executive Producer: Richard Fell / Director: Michael Samuels

Patricia Hodge as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
James Fox as Lord Carrington
John Standing as William Whitelaw M.P.
Michael Cochrane as Nicholas Ridley M.P.
Jeremy Child as Francis Pym M.P.
Jonathan Coy as Richard Luce M.P.
Clive Merrison as John Nott M.P.
Rupert Vansittart as Robert Armstrong
Jeremy Clyde as Sir Nicholas Henderson
Bob Sherman as President Reagan
Robert Hardy as Sir Anthony Parsons
John Woodvine as Admiral Lewin
Tom Chadbon as Admiral Fieldhouse
Patrick Godfrey as Michael Foot M.P.
Shaughan Seymour as Admiral Leach
Colin Stinton as General Alexander Haig
Peter Blythe as Sir Michael Havers M.P.
Anthony Calf as Robin Fearn
Jasper Jacob as John Wilkinson M.P.
Richard Cordery as Tom Enders
Lorelei King as Jeane Kirkpatrick
Garrick Hagon as Vernon Walters
Arturo Venegas as Perez De Cuellar
Vernon Dobtcheff as Costa Mendez
Robert Bowman as Hamilton Whyte
Gordon Langford-Rowe as Speaker of The House of Commons
Ron Meadows as Peter Shore M.P.
Renny Krupinski as David Lambie M.P.
David Fleesham as Denis Healey M.P.
Charles McCurdy as John Browne M.P.
Martin Oldfield as Enoch Powell M.P.
Geoffrey Wlkinson as Anthony Meyer M.P.
Alan Rothwell as John Wells M.P.
Geoff Holman as Tony Benn M.P.

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