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Fallen (ITV-1 Jonathan Cake, Simone Lahbib, Gary Love)



In the two part thriller Fallen Detective Jason Shepherd is hospitalised and wakes with no memory of his life. He sets about re-investigating the case he was working on before his accident and is astonished to find that he seems to be in the pocket of known criminals as he uncovers evidence of nuclear terrorism – but is he really corrupt or was he working undercover?

production details
UK / ITV-1 / 2×90 minuute episode / Broadcast 26-27 April 2004

Writer: Steve Griffiths / Director: Omar Madha / Producer: Matthew Read

JONATHAN CAKE as Jason Shepherd
SIMONE LAHBIB as Kate Gunning
KERRIE TAYLOR as Louise Shepherd
GARY LOVE as Tom Beckett
NIALL O’MARA as Wesley Shepherd
FIONA GLASCOTT as Clare Woodward
WILLIAM BECK as Dave Walker