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Holding On (ITV 1977 with Michael Elphick & John Nettles)Holding On (ITV 1977 with Michael Elphick & John Nettles)


Family (ITV 2003, Martin Kemp, Jamie Forman)



Martin Kemp, Jamie Foreman and David Calder star in Family, a series set against the background of the London underworld. The Cutlers are ruthless but revered, and are fiercely loyal to one another. They are passionate, affectionate and emotional, but they’ll use any means they can to get what they want – within the law or otherwise.

Ted Cutler (David Calder) is one of Britain’s most notorious villains – aka ‘The Guv’nor’. He runs the Cutler firm. The legitimate business is gaming machines. The real business is crime.

He has two sons, Joey (Martin Kemp) and Dave (Jamie Foreman), and also a daughter, Jacqueline (Simone Lahbib) known affectionately as Jacks. Joey is married to Sophie and they have two daughters; Jacks lives alone – for some reason she finds it difficult to find a man. Dave is married and has a boy to carry the Cutler name forward, but Dave’s somewhere in America, on the run.

Ted also has a girlfriend that he’d like to be able to call his wife, but since his wife won’t give him a divorce, he can’t.

Things have changed a lot since Ted’s day – the old-time ‘gentleman villain’ doesn’t really exist any longer. But convincing Ted of that isn’t easy. He’s still the guv’nor, but most of the firm’s work is done by Joey. Ted has all the power but none of the responsibility.

And then Dave comes home again…

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 6×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 29 September – 12 November 2003

Writers: Roger Smith, Tim Vaughan / Executive Producers: Michele Buck, Tim Vaughan / Director: David Drury

Martin Kemp as Joey Cutler
Jamie Foreman as Dave Cutler
David Calder as Ted Cutler
Simone Lahbib as Jacqueline Cutler
Camille Coduri as Sophie
Linda Marlowe as Jean
Sally Dexter as Natalie
Danny Midwinter as Graham
Peter Marinker as Ronnie
Florence Bass as Georgia
Charles Daish as Rory MacLeod
Samuel Clemens as Paul
Matt Bardock as Inspector Mickey Fowler
Crispin Bonham-Carter as Mike


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