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Far From the Madding Crowd (ITV 1998, Paloma Baeza, Nathaniel Parker)



Far From The Madding Crowd ITV 1998

Paloma Baeza takes on the mantle of Bathsheba, the role made famous by Julie Christie in the 1967 movie of Far from the Madding Crowd. This adaptation of the classic Thomas Hardy novel is a story of love, passion and loss as the beautiful Bathsheba is torn between three lovers.

Co-starring with Baeza are Nathaniel Parker and Nigel Terry.

There were a few scary moments on set during production when Jonathan Firth and Paloma, were surrounded by 25,000 bees. ‘We filmed them tending a swarm and made a honeypot to attract the bees,’ says producer Hilary Bevan-Jones. ‘The crew were kitted out in full protective gear, but Jonathan and Paloma only had one protective hat and face-net between them because they share one in the script. You could see bees on their clothes. By some miracle neither was stung but the buzzing gave everyone a thumping headache.’

Far From the Madding Crowd is the story of Dorset country folk, and Nathaniel Parker, who plays farmer Gabriel Oak, learned how to shear a sheep with traditional scissor clippers. The sheep, loaned by a Derbyshire farmer, were relieved when he finally got clipping. They’d sweated through summer to leave their woolly coats intact for winter scenes.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada – GBH Boston / 4×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 6 – 27 July 1998

Writer: Philomena McDonagh / Novel: Thomas Hardy / Executive Producer: Rebecca Eaton / Producer: Hilary Bevan Jones / Director: Nicholas Renton

Nathaniel Parker as Gabriel Oak
Victoria Alcock as Temperance Miller
Charles Simon as Old Malter
Jonathan Firth as Frank Troy
Nigel Terry as Mr Boldwood
Paloma Baeza as Bathsheba Everdene
Natasha Little as Fanny Robin
John Boswall as Timothy
Sean Gilder as Joseph Poorgrass
Phillip Joseph as Jan Coggan
Tracy Keating as Liddy Smallbury
Linda Bassett as Maryann Money
Sarah Tansey as Soberness Miller
Andy Robb as Mark Clark
Kevin Kibbey as Billy Smallbury
Elizabeth Estensen as Mrs Coggan
Luke Redbond as Cain Ball
Neil Caple as Laban Tall
Robin Soans as Henery Fray