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Fatal Inversion, A (BBC-1 1992, Douglas Hodge, Jeremy Northam)



Douglas Hodge and Jeremy Northam star in  intense and intricate psychological thriller A Fatal Inversion , based on the novel by Barbara Vine (aka Ruth Rendell). When two bodies are unearthed from shallow graves the grisly discovery has shattering consequences for Adam and Rufus. They haven’t seen each other since their terrible secret forced them to part after a fateful summer in 1979 – but both have much to lose should the truth emerge.

production details
UK | BBC One | 3×60 minutes | Broadcast 10 – 24 May 1992

Writer: Sandy Welch / Novel: Barbara Vine / Producer: Phillipa Giles / Director: Tim Fywell

Douglas Hodge as Adam
Jeremy Northam as Rufus
Saira Todd as Zosie
Clara Salaman as Mary Gage
Julia Ford as Vivien
Gordon Warnecke as Shiva
Rachel Joyce as Anne
Jane Wymark as Meg Chipstead
Nicholas Woodeson as Inspector Winder
Ben Chaplin as Matthew
Rachel Joyce as Anne
Patricia Kerrigan as Marigold
Tim Wylton as Lewis Verne-Smith