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Father, Dear Father In Australia (Channel 7 1978-1980, Patrick Cargill, Noel Dyson)



Sitcom that was a continuation of the popular English show Father, Dear Father with Patrick Glover in Australia to research a book and staying with his brothers two daughters whilst said brother visited London.

Father, Dear Father was one of a number of English sitcoms that were given an Australian version. Others included Love Thy Neighbour, Are You Being Served and the Doctor series. The usual format involved getting at least the one or two of the main cast of the English version to appear with the rest of the cast being well known Australian faces. Most of them didn’t translate too well but Father, Dear Father actually worked pretty well as the general format of the show didn’t have to change that much and kept original writers Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke on board (as well as original producer William G. Stewart).

Cast: PATRICK CARGILL as Patrick Glover; NOEL DYSON as Matilda ‘Nanny’ Harris; SALLY CONABERE as Liz; SIGRID THORNTON as Sue; RON FRASER as Jeffrey

Creators: Johnnie Mortimer, Brian Cooke / Producer and Director: William G. Stewart

UK / Channel 7 – Lyle McCabe / 14×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 25 June 1978 – 28 June 1980 2 Seasons