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Fear Of Fanny (BBC Drama, Julia Davis, Mark Gatiss)



Fear of Fanny was a one off biopic drama about the life of fearsomely dominant TV cook Fanny Craddock.

Julia Davis plays Fanny and is joined by Nighty Night co-star Mark Gatiss (League of Gentlemen) who plays Fanny Cradock’s much maligned husband Johnnie.

Devised from interviews with Fanny’s colleagues, family and critics, Fear of Fanny has been written and adapted by Brian Fillis, making his debut television adaptation from the critically acclaimed stage-play of the same name.

This at times hilarious yet poignant drama is about an ostensibly successful career woman who is haunted by the demons in her past.

The doyenne of housewives during the Sixties and Seventies, her diet-defying dishes, withering put-downs and pancake make-up made her the scourge of traditional British cooking.

Cast: Julia Davis (Fanny Cradock), Mark Gatiss (Johnnie Cradock), Jason Watkins (Derek), Steven O’Neill (Simon), Phil Nice (Technician), Jordan Long (Gas Fitter), Paul Chahidi (Director), Simon Greenall (TV Executive), Jim Field Smith (Floor Manager), Clare Wille (TV Executive’s Wife), Nicholas Burns (Christopher), Claudie Blakley (Nicky), Hayley Atwell (Jane), Tom Goodman-Hill (Dan Farson), Nathan Smoker (Julian), Michael Parkhouse (Master of Ceremonies), Stuart Sherwin (Alan Taylor), Richard Syms (Mrs Beeton Fan), Tom Allen (Paul), Abby Ford (Wendy), Tim Plester (Cameraman), Keir Charles (TV Host), Ella Kenion (Gwen Troake), James Holmes (Nurse)

Writer: Brian Fillis / Script Editor: Ben Bickerton / Music: Miko Giedroyc / Producers: Ben Evans, Angie Daniell / Executive Producer: Sally Woodward Gentle / Director: Coky Giedroyc

UK / BBC Four / 1×80 minute episode / Broadcast 23 October 2006 (There was a quick repeat on BBC Two on 31 Dec 2006)