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Fenn St Gang, The (ITV 1971-1973, Peter Cleall, Carol Hawkins)Fenn St Gang, The (ITV 1971-1973, Peter Cleall, Carol Hawkins)


Fenn St Gang, The (ITV 1971-1973, Peter Cleall, Carol Hawkins)



The Fenn Street Gang was a spin off from Please Sir focusing on the exploits of the former members of form 5C after they have left Fenn Street Secondary Modern School.

Eric Duffy (Peter Cleall) and Sharon Eversleigh (Carol Hawkins) continue the up-and-down relationship they started at school, eventually marrying in the final series.

Frankie Abbott (David Barry) fancies himself as a “private investigator” but proves to be less than brilliant in his chosen profession. His girlfriend, Maureen Bullock (Liz Gebhardt), is training to be a nurse. Frankie continues to have problems with his mother (Barbara Mitchell).

Peter Craven (Leon Vitali, then Malcolm McFee) goes to work for local crook Stanley Bowler (George Baker).

Besides spinning off from Please Sir, The Fenn St Gang also garnered a spin off of it’s own with Bowler.

It subsequently gave rise to a spin-off of its own, Bowler.

Fenn St Gang

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 47×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 17 September 1971 – 15 July 1973

Creators: John Esmonde, Bob Larbey

David Barry as Frankie Abbott
Léon Vitali as Peter Craven (1)
Malcolm McFee as Peter Craven (2)
Peter Denyer as Dennis Dunstable
Liz Gebhardt as Maureen Bullock
Peter Cleall as Eric Duffy
Carol Hawkins as Sharon Eversleigh
Barbara Mitchell as Mrs Abbott


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