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First Communion Day (BBC Two 2002, Moya Farrelly, Valerie Lilley)



First Communion Day BBC 2002

In the Ireland set short drama First Communion Day, 8 year old Brian has a troubled relationship with his dying grandmother and feckless mother.

Aidan Gillen was the most prominent name amongst the cast. The script by Lin Coghlan was a winner of the BBC’s annual Dennis Potter award.

production details
UK / BBC Two – BBC Northern Ireland – Tigerlily Films 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast 31 March 2002 at 11:30pm

Writer: Lin Coghlan / Producer: Natasha Dack / Executive Producer: Jenny Killick / Director: John Dower

Moya Farrelly as Eileen
Valerie Lilley as Granny
Ben Harding as Brian
Peter Hanly as Priest
Cathy Belton as Jackie
Aidan Gillen as Satellite Man
Michael Thornton as Man in Church
Nora Keneghan as Nurse