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Flight (BBC Two 1998, Mina Anwar, Roshan Seth)



Flight BBC 1997 Mina Anwar

Drama Flight sees 17 year old Hindu girl Shika running away from home after her family discover she has been having an affair with a Muslim boy. Shikha has always been the favourite daughter with Baba, her father.

Min Anwar who plays Shikha had been appearing in Ben Elton sitcom The Thin Blue Line. Kulvinder Ghir, Nina Wadia and Meera Syal would later appear together in the iconic sketch show Goodness Gracious Me.

Flight was originally intended to be shown under the Screen Two banner but went out solo.

production details
UK / BBC Two / 1×70 minute episode / Broadcast 25 January 1998

Writer: Tanika Gupta / Producers: Peter Jacques, Frances-Anne Solomon / Director: Alex Pillai

Roshan Seth as Baba
Mina Anwar as Shikka
Shaheen Khan as Ma
Kulvinder Ghir as Anil
Bhasker Patel as Nitai
Meera Syal as Tasleema
Nina Wadia as Sumita
Michelle Kent as Indrani
Sunetra Sarker as Virinder