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Follow Me (ITV 1977, Ronald Fraser, Murray Hayne)



Follow Me was a children’s adventure drama serial.  When teenage Tom Dawes goes to spend a fortnight with his father on his run down boat in Bristol the pair become caught up in mystery involving a missing girl and a group of possible gun-runners.

Tom very quickly finds the girl, 15 year old Lynn whose brother is the skipper of a boat that has been chartered by a secretive group who are clearly up to no good. A phone message, captured on tape by Lynn, seems to hold the clue to solving the whole mystery.

Follow Me is a fabulous slice of drama from the always reliable Baker and Martin. The theme tune is pretty groovy too as is the incidental music that at times is very BBC Radiophonic Workshop and reminiscent of 1975 series The Changes. Follow Me is the kind of family adventure fare that HTV excelled at in the 1970s.

production details
UK / ITV – HTV / 7×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 26 June – 7 August 1977

Writers: Bob Baker, Dave Martin / Music: Eve King / Theme Sung by First Reaction / Production Design: Ken Jones / Executive Producer: Patrick Dromgoole / Producer and Director: Peter Graham Scott

Ronald Fraser as Sid Dawes
Murray Hayne as Gaines
Tony Wright as Baxter
Katharine Levy as Lynn
Ian Donnelly as Tom
Godfrey James as Southways
Steve Emerson as Green
Ewen Solon as Bert
Richard Bartlett as Nigel
Edmund Pegge as Forman
Roy Stewart as General
June Barrie as Brenda
Hubert Tucker as Jones