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For 4 Tonight (Channel 4 1983, Rachel Bell, George Irving)



Comedy series For 4 Tonight was a spoof of a chat show made to look authentic. It was basically an uncredited copy of the American show called Fernwood 2 Night that was part of the Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman series.

Avril Petrie (Rachel Bell) and Tony Royale (George Irving) were the hosts of the show, which was broadcast from the small town of Newton Barnes (supposedly somewhere on the outskirts of Milton Keynes).

More interesting for the behind the scenes credits, the series was one of the first UK credits for Ruby Wax and was produced and directed by former Monkee Mickey Dolenz who at this stage in his career was living in the UK and working behind the scenes at London Weekend Television (most notable on cult classic Metal Mickey).

A pilot (not broadcast) had been recored on the 18 May 1983.

production details
UK / Channel 4 – London Weekend Television / 6×25 minutes / Broadcast 1 October – 5 November 1983 Saturdays at11.00pm

Writer: Ruby Wax / Producer and Director: Michael Dolenz

Rachel Bell as Avril Petrie
George Irving as Tony Royale
Norman Chappell as Happy Kyne
Bill Martin as Announcer
Don Harper, Sam Harding, Stan Roderick, Ronnie Verrall as The Band