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Fortunes Of War (BBC Drama, Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson)



Fortunes Of War BBC Drama, Kenneth Branagh

Period drama serial Fortunes of War, adapted by Alan Plater from the novels by Olivia Manning, follows academic couple, Guy (Kenneth Branagh) and Harriet Pringle (Emma Thompson), who spend time in various countries just before and during World War II, including Romania, Egypt and the German front.

When the series begins Guy and Harriet are in Bucharest in 1939, just before the German invasion. Guy is working as a university lecturer but the shadow of war forces them to flee across Europe.

Fabulously cast Fortunes of War was a very high profile BBC production which, although something of a slow burn, paid off in dividends for viewers who stayed the course.

Cast: Emma Thompson as Harriet Pringle; Kenneth Branagh as Guy Pringle; Charles Kay as Dobson; Ronald Pickup as Prince Yakimov; Vernon Dobtcheff as Hadjimoscos; Mischa de la Motte as Horvath; James Villiers as Inchcape; Desmond McNamara as Galpin; Elena Secota as Sophie Oresanu; Magdalena Buznea as Despina; Caroline Langrishe as Bella Niculesco; Nicholas Amer as Palu; Mark Drewry as Dudedat; Harry Burton as Sasha Drucker; Alan Bennett as Lord Pinkrose; Christopher Strauli as Toby Lush; Rupert Graves as Simon Boulderstone

Writer: Alan Plater / Books: Olivia Manning / Producer: Betty Wittingale

UK / BBC One / 7×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 11 October – 22 November 1987