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Fosters, The (ITV 1976-1977, Norman Beaton, Lenny Henry)



Sitcom The Fosters was a UK adaptation of popular US show Good Times and told of the exploits of the black Foster family living in a tower block in South London. Samuel Foster (Norman Beaton) and his wife Pearl (Isabelle Lucas) are immigrants fron Guyana and they have three children – Sonny (Lenny Henry), Benjamin (Lawrie Mark) and Shirley (Sharon Rosita).

The whole genesis of the show is rather entangled, Good Times was a spin off from Maude which itself was a spin-off from All in the Family which just happened to be a US adaptation of UK sitcom Till Death Us Do Part.

The series is probably best remembered these days for giving an early acting role to Lenny Henry who was just 17 at the time and had recently made an impact as a comedian on New Faces.

The episodes were all straight adaptations (by Jon Watkins) from US episodes.

The Fosters

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 27×30 minute episodes / 27×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 9 April 1976 – 9 July 1977 2 Seasons + 1 Special.

Adapter of US Scripts: Jon Watkins / Producer and Director: Stuart Allen

Norman Beaton as Samuel Foster
Isabelle Lucas as Pearl Foster
Lenny Henry as Sonny Foster
Sharon Rosita as Shirley Foster
Lawrie Mark as Benjamin Foster
Carmen Munro as Vilma