Four Just Men, The (ITV 1959-1960, Jack Hawkins, Dan Dailey)



Crime drama series The Four Just Men saw a group of wartime colleagues get together years later a to form a crime busting syndicate. The four came various backgrounds, one was an MP, one a journo, another a lawyer and the fourth ran a hotel in Rome.

The stars rotated the leads and normally appeared on their own.

Richard Conte as Jeff Ryder
Dan Dailey as Tim Collier
Jack Hawkins as Ben Manfred
Lisa Gastoni as Giulia
Vittorio De Sica as Ricco Poccari
Arthur Gomez as Gendarme
Frank Thornton as Auctioneer
Honor Blackman as Nicole
June Thorburn a Vicky

crew details
Executive Producer: Hannah Weinstein
Characters: Edgar Wallace
Producers: Sidney Cole, Jud Kinberg

production details
Country: UK
Network and Production Companies: ITV – ATV – Sapphire
Duration: 39×25 minute episodes
Aired From: 1959-1960

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