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Framed (ITV 1992, Timothy Dalton, David Morrissey)



In tense four part Lynda La Plante crime thriller Framed cop Lawrence Jackson is on holiday with his family in Spain when he sees on the run supergrass Eddie Myers. Despite completely spoiling his wife’s holiday he manages to gather enough evidence to see Myers extradited back to England.

Myers hopes to do a deal with the police to get a reduced sentence by revealing everything he knows and as part of the information gathering Jackson is asked to become Meyers room-mate (Myers is being held in a multi room cell at the Yard, all rather luxurious with a Gym, TV and kitchen – he is also able to keep his cupboards stocked with all the health foods that he eats.)

Myers reveals that the real kingpin of much UK organised crime is George Minton and as Jackson is forced to spend 24 hours a day with Myers a friendship starts to develop between the two but is Myers playing to his own agenda.

Meanwhile Jackson’s wife Susan is growing closer to the detective assigned to keep an eye on her.

Framed is a typical strong La Plante series. By the halfway point Myers pretty much has Jackson in his thrall and is hatching a plan to get him to recover the £1,000,000 he has stashed in a bank vault in London.


Timothy Dalton as Eddie Myers and a pre fame Penelope Cruz as his girlfriend Lola.

classic quote
“I specifically asked for Mustard de Meaux and this is not French mustard.”

production details
UK / ITV – Anglia – A&E Network / 4×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 27 November – 18 December 1992

Writer: Lynda La Plante / Producer: Guy Slater / Director: Geoffrey Sax

Timothy Dalton as Philip Von Joel / Eddie Myers
Timothy West as Detective Chief Inspector Mckinnes
David Morrissey as Lawrence Jackson
Annabelle Apsion as Susan Jackson
Penelope Cruz Sanchez as Lola Del Moreno
Rowena King as Charlotte Lampton
Jorge Bosso as Comisario Dominguez
Wayne Foskett as Detective Constable Summers
Glyn Grimstead as Detective Inspector Falcon
Trevor Cooper as Detective Inspector Shrapnel
Chris Fairbank as Sydney Jefferson
Anthony Smee as Superintendent
Ian Talbot as George Minton